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I usually hear this line from the elders “Work hard so when you reached the retirement age, you’ll have your pension and you can go ahead and do whatever you wanted to do. ” I think in this very fast-paced changing world, it’s different. People are more educated on how to have a balance lifestyle especially those who are working at BPOs. The generation today is far from 10 years ago.

Last April 2018, I went to the Philippines to spend holiday with my family. First thing on my mind kapag lumapag na ang plane sa airport is fishball, isawan, banana-Q, balot, taho at gotohan. Mga simpleng pagkain na ngpapasaya ng sobra sa mga OFW. Heaven! While exploring, meron kaming nadiscover na variety of wine. Nadiscover namin yung Alden Therese na Baligang wine. One of the best wines I have ever had. It is made up of Lipote that has plenty of benefits. It’s sweet and healthier. The after taste tease you to drink some more until you finish the whole bottle. hahahaha! You might want to check out their website at for variety of local wines.




We also visited Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas and Ocean Villas in Ternate, Cavite. It’s nice to have some fresh air and change of ambiance. Nakakatuwa na mg-out of town kasi sa city wala ka ng makitang green area. Halos lahat puro mga business development na. Parang mga mushrooms na ang mga condominiums sa sobrang dami. Nakakapgod din ang urban life kaya kailangan talaga natin ang city break. Even so, it’s more fun in the Philippines!


Pico de Loro in Nasugbu, Batangas


Ocean Villas in Ternate, Cavite



My three-week stay ended up six months.There are tons of emergency reason kaya ng-extend. You might be wondering paano kami naka-survive sa Philippines ng ganoon katagal to think na meron naiwang trabaho sa London. If you have a passive income from three condominium properties, meron ka ng decent life. Ang mahirap lang sa Philippines is kapag may family member na mgkakasakit especially kapag senior citizen ang pasyente. It is bloody expensive kasi parang vina-vacuum ng hospital ang laman ng bulsa mo kaya be prepared. As early as possible, it’s best na meron talagang insurance.


Apart from rental properties, I thought of selling old stuffs sa harapan ng bahay namin. Old clothes, shoes and “thing-a-ma-jig” na hindi na kailangan, pina-ukay ukay ko na. Additional money sya sa wallet mo or pang-grocery kahit papano. Kaya yung mga hindi mo na kailangan, convert it into cash.





The longer I stay here, the more business opportunities are coming. There was one time I had dinner with my highschool bestfriends in Marikina after I celebrated my birthday. We had cazy chats about our batchmates, friends and of course, a little bit of business. Marianne and I came up with the idea of doing events styling with the support of our super friends. Syempre super excited din kami about this new partnership since it’s our passion. This is the job that we wanted to do for the rest of or lives. We love making things beautiful and events memorable. Few days after, we got our very first client which is her cousin. Our job was to style the 8th Birthday party of her niece. The party was held at Alberto’s Hall in San Mateo, Rizal and it was a success after several meetings and shopping in Divisoria as early as six in the morning. It is kind of stressful and tiring pero it’s an achievement for us na makita si client na very happy and satisfied sa outcome ng project namin.



Mikay’s 8th Birthday – 21st of October 2018 at Alberto’s Hall




Another business opportunity that hit us is dressing up unit that is newly turned over. We did receive a call from a friend’s friend who badly needs help to do the interior of his condominium located in Fern SM Grass Residences closed to SM North Edsa. He’s an OFW based in Doha. He purchased the unit and his huge hurdle is that he had no idea how to furnish it in a business point of view. My team and I did the ocular inspection and accepted the project. It’s exciting kasi we’re going to do the shopping of furnitures, set the theme and supervise all the works like carpentry and installations. It looks easy but I am telling you, it’s not. And this is the reason bakit kami binabayaran. We get paid to shoulder the hassle and bustle so he can spend his holiday in the Philippines peacefully. This is the outcome of all our efforts. From bare to dare! Dare to stay and you won’t regret it.




Holiday is over. “Back to reality” sabi nga nila. I’m back in London para humanap ulit ng greener pasteurs. I just have a realization while nasa Philippines. I started up a business na talagang gusto ko. What I needed to do next is to enhance my skills through trainings and seminars in relation to dressing up events and flats and learn the skills of blogging and online marketing. Expose myself sa mga successful na tao para mas madami akong matutunan sa business. We have to adapt sa digital world and we can’t stop learning if we want to progress. Cheers!xx




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