Perfect Wardrobe For Your Body Type

Yang Yang

” Pulling the right clothes is an art as much as it is a science.”



“Am I pretty? Is my body alright?” – These are the common questions we asked ourselves sometimes when we look in the mirror. We became self-conscious at times until we get used to it like a chronic pain. We tend to decide not to care at all. Stop caring on putting the right outfits for your figure. You feel just “okay” with what you wear.


Remember that whenever you open your closet and choose your clothes, ask yourself, “What does it say?” What impression you wish to make? Is it casual, conventional or business-like or a bit of an edge? Choose your personal taste. Do you want to look feminine, show your curves or perhaps be a preppy tomboy? What style actually works for your lifestyle?


For instance in this photo, I am wearing a printed army polo and to tone it down, I wore a white top inside and and a plain black square pants. I added sunglasses and a turban for accessories. Diana chose to wear a green coat with a fine print at the end of the sleeves, a white shirt buttoned up and a denim square pants to look not to skinny. She added a yellow sling bag to break the neutral colours of her outfit and purple shades to sum it up. Hazel looks casual with her ripped jeans and a blue jumper with yellow sunglasses.


You are the only one who has the full control of the image you want to create. Once you have decided what to wear. Wrap it up with the right shoe. Remember that the shoes is often the differentiator. It carries the entire outfit. For ladies, heels makes you feel sexy and powerful. It has the capacity to lengthen your legs. You can never go wrong with heels. If you want to look fabulous, accessories are the answer. It sets the theme of the outfit. Plus add up hair and make-up to complete the package.


I am here to remind you that it’s not okay to be just okay. Here are some tips to get the perfect fit.

1. Choose the size that flatters, not for the number.

2. It’s best to try it on even if you have to queue together with the shopaholics

3. Get clothes as much as you can to find the perfect fit.

4. Ask a salesperson for advice or your most stylish, crazy friend who always criticize other people’s outfit and laugh about it.


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“Our don’t-look-at-me clothes are the ones that makes us noticeable –and not in a good way.”



Here’s your take-away getting dressed checklist:

  1. Check the fit.
  2. Check the flatter.
  3. Check the colour.
  4. Check the harmony.
  5. Check the message.




“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel



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