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“Fundraising for Jeepney Drivers”

“Fundraising for Jeepney Drivers”

Before my birthday, I have thought of doing fundraising for jeepney drivers. It's been all over the news that they were one of those who were very much affected of the Enhanced Community Quarantine here in the Philippines. Most of them lives on the streets or jeepney...



"Finding your voice can't be done by planning and thinking; it can only be done by starting and publishing." - Natasha Courtenay-Smith I have been dragged to join the event in Mediaworks by a friend. It is located in White City and the talk is all about Personal...

She’s Single Mingle

She’s Single Mingle   13 December at 19:0 - 22:00   SHE SOHO at 23A Old Compton Street, W1D 5JL London, United Kingdom   SHE's monthly singles night! Second Wednesday of every month! Whether you're looking for romance,...

N & E Gallery Post Test

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British LGBT Awards 2017

British LGBT Awards 2017

"Free Pass to the British LGBT Awards 2017!!!! Are you kidding?" - Me We got an email from one of the producers of an LGBT series here in London. She said she could get us a spare ticket to get to the LGBT Awards Night. It's all about glam and fab party and the first...

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