British LGBT Awards 2017

Yang Yang

“Free Pass to the British LGBT Awards 2017!!!! Are you kidding?” – Me

We got an email from one of the producers of an LGBT series here in London. She said she could get us a spare ticket to get to the LGBT Awards Night. It’s all about glam and fab party and the first thing I thought of was “I don’t know what to wear.” I already sent all my dresses to the Philippines in a Balikbayan Box. I chose to dress like a professional instead. The usual coat and trousers and black high heels to look sleek. We got loads of free booze at the party together with the cast of “London Spectrum”, an LGBT Youtube series.





One of the guest speakers is Caitlyn Jenner. She made a remarkable speech for the LGBT community. Prince Charles did sent a video message to to extend his warm appreciation too.




Before the awards night ended, we gathered at the dance floor to enjoy the gay-ish and fun music. It’s a one hell of a experience to be surrounded with incredible people.



It was a smashing night indeed!


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