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“Finding your voice can’t be done by planning and thinking; it can only be done by starting and publishing.” – Natasha Courtenay-Smith

I have been dragged to join the event in Mediaworks by a friend. It is located in White City and the talk is all about Personal Branding by Natasha Courtenay-Smith. At first, hindi ako interested kasi I have no idea what the event is all about. Nalaman ko lang that same day na it’s about Personal Branding. I got a free pass kaya hindi na ko ngcomplain.



We did got a nice seat. I was just looking around and naka-catch sa attention ko yung interiors, as always. I’m very keen when it comes sa use of furnitures, wall designs and accents. It’s a huge office space na merong small black stage then high ceiling. It has a massive bar pagpasok mo entrance. It’s basically a combination of pop culture and rustic theme.



The talk started at 10 past 6pm. Natasha Courtenay-Smith is the author of the bestselling The Million Dolar Blog. She’s an entrepreneur and a media expert. I find it interesting to listen about Personal Branding. We were asked kung ano ang mga fears namin of growing our business online or becoming one of the internet sensation of our niche and how we will conquer it. We were asked to google ourselves online. Surprisingly, I found myself na listed pa sa isa sa mga Casting Agency and sa LinkedIn. The information is outdated na. Sabi nga ni Natasha, the new world trust paradigm is: ‘If I can’ find you online – I don’t trust you.’ She has a point. Your identity is dodgy. The big question is, who are you? Or you must have died or something. Funny pero totoo.


Do you blend in the with the masses or stand out from the crowd? Are you recognised as a thought-leader in your industry? Or are you watching others build their profile and wondering if you are being left behind? – Natasha Courtenay-Smith #standoutonline


The lesson I’ve learned is that regardless kung businessman ka, an actor or an actress, or a regular employee sa isang prestigious company, malaki ang impact sa reputation mo kung paano mo ipresent ang sarili mo online. Personal Branding is not a final destination but a continual jouney.


Today, everyone and anyone is a publisher. Create a powerful content related to your brand and just click the publish button without overthinking. Publish them all and let the audience decide. Mistakes can easily be deleted and it’s part of your journey anyway so what the heck?! Lol.



There are so many things to learn. This is just the beginning. Grab this book now! It only costs £13.99. Oh and by the way, I got this book for free after the 2 hour pitch. We’ve got free booze and pizza!!! How great was that?!! Best event I’ve ever been.



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