5 Tips of Group Travelling

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I was in the Philippines having a two months vacation while my partner is somewhere around the globe. I received a message from a group chat that we are going to Mykonos, Greece. As soon as I reached home, I immediately made the booking. It’s always been like this every time I travel with friends. If it’s well-planned, hindi natutuloy. Pero kapag biglaan, natutuloy agad. Well, obviously tuloy na tuloy na kasi wala ng atrasan. May mga tickets na! Kaya:

1.Book in Advance

If you’re travelling anywhere in Europe, it’s best to purchase the ticket as early as possible to get the cheapest fare. Mykonos, Greece is one of the most expensive place to go if you didn’t plan it well because it’s a party island. The return air fare can go up to £200 per head during peak days but we got it for £200 for 2 persons. It is indeed a good deal.

2. Share your Thoughts

If you have suggestions about the trip, share it within the group and make plans on what to do and where to go. Always have a back up plan if things didn’t work out. We’re just lucky that we have someone who loves to research about the “must see” tourist spots therefore she’s automatically in charge of the itinerary. Isn’t that great and convenient? If you guys have something in your mind that you particularly wanted to do like beach hopping, island hopping or food tripping, let everyone know so this can be arranged.

3.Check if you need to drive

In Mykonos, driving is essential otherwise you’ll be stuck in one place.Only two in our group have the drivers license so we rented a car where all of us would fit. It was a fun adventure. We roam around the island with no pressure. It’s our first time to experience this and we want to do it again. This trip is also cost-effective because we have to share the fees.

4. Consider the different travelling styles

All of us have different ways of enjoying the holiday. One can be economic, a shopaholic, an alcoholic, a nature-lover, a couch-potato, an adventurous or someone who just go with the flow like me. We know each other well so we respect each other’s preference. Just remember to be open. If someone is short on cash, be considerate of choosing an activity or a place where to dine, or perhaps treat them if it’s to die for.

5.Dress Up and Have Fun

Before the departure date, never fail to check the weather of the place. It’s good to know to make you sure that you’re packing the right clothes. You wouldn’t want to see yourself wearing joggers on a 25 degrees Celsius while you’re on a party island. You also don’t need to do a lot of shopping for a holiday instead you can do mix and match. Save your money for a more fun and exciting group activity!





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