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“Pag ako naging British, iikutin ko ang buong mundo”

I heard this line from a friend before she got her British passport. And when she finally got it, her journey with her partner begins.

If travelling is a drug, these couple certainly need an intense treatment.

Omay and Diana have been together for more than 7 years. I love these two lovebirds. I call them the weekender couple from the day they started travelling around Europe. They don’t mind if it’s only a short escape as long as they get to experience the different atmosphere, culture and local cuisine.

Diana loves the beach. Every time she travels, she never fails to woo people with her debonair style. She’s addicted to bikinis and tops. One day, you’re going to see her creation. She’s an amazing artist. You might find her daunting because of her looks and how she carry herself but to be honest, she’s one of the most kind-hearted person I have ever met in London.





Krka Waterfalls

Dubrovnik to Lokrum Island


Omay, on the other hand, is born to be her sidekick. She’s responsible for capturing the unreserved moment of Diana. She’s an effin’ comedian. Always prepare your camera to record her epic and insane acts. You have no clue where in a world she’s getting her punch line. I swear you’ll die laughing.

People might think that because they travel often, they have loads of money in their pocket. Indeed! Haha! Nah! Some people envied them because of their lifestyle. Well, in fact, they only use their credit card to accumulate points on their Avios for flights and accommodation. They use for hotels to get the best rate and use Easyjet or Ryanair for the cheapest fare. Easyjet and Ryanair are equivalent to Cebu Pacific in the Philippines. If you’re going to convert the air fare into Philippine Peso, it’s like travelling from Manila to Cebu or vice versa. It doesn’t require a lot of savings as long as you book your flight ahead of time. The most interesting is that they don’t really stay in a five-star hotel to show how extravagant their lives are. In fact, they are practical when it comes to expenses. Luxurious lifestyle is not really their thing. It may only seem like it.


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